Love Your School Out Loud

Precious Parents,

Do you know what the number one marketing strategy is for any product or place? If you answered by naming any social media forum believe it or not, you are incorrect. While these strategies are very important and do generate interest they are not the most effective. It is the time of the year when we invite families to visit Northwood Temple Academy during Open House. We will use social media as a tool to get them in the door but what will inspire them to choose NTA for their children? Authors Keller and Fay in their book, The Face-to-Face Book stated in their marketing research, “While the growth of social networking sites is impressive, the largest social gold mine is literally right beneath our noses: in the word-of-mouth conversations that happen in our kitchens and living rooms, in our churches and synagogues, next to the office water cooler, on the sidelines of youth soccer and baseball games, powered by the intimacy of face-to-face communications.” In other words, YOU are the greatest inspiration for encouraging a prospective family to choose NTA for their children!  Loving your school out loud is the most powerful marketing strategy available! Many of you have shared your NTA story with me but would you be willing to “Love Your School Out Loud” with your friends, family and neighbors?

If so, I have two ways that you can “Love Your School Out Loud.”  The first way is to pick up ten Open House invitations and pass them out to people in your sphere of influence. The second is to sign up to give tours and share your NTA story with families that attend Open House on January 25th and February 22nd. You would not have to commit to the entire day but perhaps a couple of hours. Some of you have already committed to help and I am deeply appreciative. You can pick up the invitations in the main office as well as sign up to give tours. Thank you for “Loving NTA Out Loud!”

R McLamb