Northwood Temple Academy can be described as no less than a living example of God’s grace and favor for His people.  A refuge for His children in a world estranged from him and a training ground to develop the leaders that will advance His Kingdom equipped with an exceptional education rooted Biblical Truth. 

I will testify that it was truly God’s will that our family become a part of Northwood Temple Academy.  Non-believers would consider it to be a situation of circumstance but my family will tell you the truth is in the fruit.  Our decision to become part of Northwood Temple Academy has provided my three sons superior Christian teachers with a commitment to deliver an excellent education ingrained with Christian Values.  

The values and education provided by Northwood Temple Academy coupled with the familial environment created by their faculty have truly been a blessing to our family.  So much to the extent that our family decisions for future career progression are centered on the question “Would, this cause us to leave Northwood Temple Academy?”

To all of the staff and faculty I would personally like to express my appreciation for your selfless and sacrificial service.  I encourage you all that you are all truly a blessing in the lives of all those that attend the academy.
— Raymond A Decipulo 
All children deserve a quality education. But we must do more to make sure they get it. For more and more families, this goal is already becoming reality through the Opportunity Scholarship Program. This state-funded scholarship has given my own children a chance to attend Northwood Temple Academy.

Before enrolling at Northwood Temple Academy, my children struggled at their public school. My son struggled in reading/writing and my daughter was being bullied and unchallenged. They both needed individualized instruction, but their public school was unable to provide this mainly due to the large class sizes. The school culture was not inclusive for special needs children and my children did not feel accepted by their peers and the school administrators.

Now, my children love their school. They have grown academically and socially. They feel challenged by their schoolwork and supported by their teachers. They love and feel encouraged to learn.

We are where we are because of an opportunity. Without the Opportunity Scholarship, my children would not be able to attend Northwood Temple Academy and there are many other families like mine across the state. I want them to know about this program that I learned about through Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina. I want to tell these families that the Opportunity Scholarship can change their children’s lives for the better. My family is proof of the wonderful things that this specific opportunity can bring.
— Heather Unger
Kids are kids no matter public or private school—-But God works at NTA through the love and instruction provided by every staff member and teacher. No one ever told me as a young person that God had a plan for me—why would the Creator of the universe bother with me? But because of NTA, my son knows that God has a plan for him and that he should approach his life decisions with that knowledge. The Christian worldview taught at NTA has inspired many a political discussion at our home. And I am forever grateful for the impact NTA has had on my son. I only wish that I could send him to NTA “College” too! However, I know that he is prepared to meet adulthood wearing the full armor of God and I am very grateful for NTA.”
— Laurie Maple

Posted December 1, 2016


It has been 5 years since Richard Jackson-Lopez started in k-5. Now it’s Christmas in the 4th grade and it is time for us to move to Germany. Richard will miss NTA greatly. He has grown so much (not just his height) and much of that is due to the wonderful academic excellence and Christian teaching that NTA gives. We have been richly blessed to have spent the last 5 years with you. I pray NTA continues to be a premier k-12 education provider in Fayetteville which is the bedrock in raising up tommmows generation of Christian leaders. We will miss you ALL!

Is 40:31


Brice, Milli and Richard Jackson-Lopez

Posted February 18, 2016

We decided to move our son here five years ago. It was ultimately the best decision we
could ever make for our child. The level of education and love is like no other. Thanks to
all the staff for their unending concern and well being for all these young people!

Posted January 29, 2016

My daughter is a high school student at NTA. A critical component of high school
selection for us was college planning and preparation. We wanted to allow her the
opportunity to excel in high school academics and programs, while focusing on being
ready for the next chapter of her life. The high school department at NTA achieves
excellent in college preparation. This year’s graduating class has acceptances to the most
competitive universities and many with great scholarship amounts! Campbell University
awarded it’s highest scholarship to a NTA senior, two military academy appointments,
UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Wilmington, UNC Asheville, Western Carolina, Methodist,
University of Alabama and many many more. This information is available on the NTA
website and facebook page. Those acceptances prove that the coursework and teacher
involvement at NTA prepare the students to perform well academically and have all the
characteristics that admission representatives are looking for in the highly competitive
acceptance process. Test scores of NTA students far exceed to averages of Cumberland
County students, North Carolina students, and students nationally. The potential cost of
college for my daughter is something we are concerned about. That’s why we feel like
attendance at NTA is an investment. She will be ready to apply for colleges and the
coursework will prepare her to receive scholarships. If you are looking for a high school
program to prepare your child for college acceptance, NTA has the best programs! Their
college acceptance rates and test scores do not lie. After looking at many private schools
in town and comparing apples to apples in college preparation, there is no comparison to


Posted February 1, 2016

We recently moved our son to Northwood Temple Academy from public school for the second half of 1st grade.  We were really not happy with the Common Core Curriculum in public school and he seemed very stressed out and confused and really did not like going to school at all.  We were hoping that moving him to NTA would help him, and now after just a few weeks we are amazed at the difference in our son.  Not only is he reading better and completing all of his school work on time, but he loves going to school now and actually said he wished he could go on the weekend!  What we were not expecting is the change in attitude at home.  Now that he is happy at school and learning more he is actually back to his old happy self and helping out more around the house and getting along better with his little sister. He has been reading books to her and playing for hours, whereas before we switched him here he would come home from school and be angry and just want to be left alone.  I cannot believe how happy he has been since the first day that he started at NTA and his grades have improved so much, this is more than we hoped for.  I have been recommending NTA to all of my friends with young children.  I just wished we would have started him here sooner!

Stacy Cortes

Posted May 4, 2016

As I was shopping this week for Teacher Appreciation Week and looking over a card to give Mrs. England-nothing even came close to how I feel about Mrs. England and NTA. This is our first year here and I beat myself up all the time that Chase did not come here for Kindergarten. Chase was accepted for Kindergarten but we thought “it’s just kindergarten” why pay the money for him to learn how to write and count to 100? That was literally the most stupid and ignorant decision we have ever made that can only be chalked up to he was our first child. With more than a few horror stories about Chase’s public school experience-we made up our mind that we will find the money to send Chase to NTA. I actually own a cleaning business and one of our clients had sent her children and now grandchildren to NTA and she was the one that convinced me NTA was the place for Chase. I am eternally indebted to her.

Fast forward to this year and I could sit and talk about all the wonderful things about NTA for hours. Chase was diagnosed with ADHD a few months in to Kindergarten and with that comes a myriad of challenges. Mrs. England knew about Chase’s challenges and always kept me in the loop about Chase’s day, her concerns, if the medicine was not working properly, and any other concerns that she may have picked up on. I always felt like she was on “my team” and always trying to do things to make things better for Chase. One example is that she knows Chase does not like change and for his normal routine to be out of whack. Mrs. England had to leave class periodically for doctor appointments and one time she was going to be gone two days in a row. When she let me know the day before she wouldn’t be here for two days she was concerned how Chase was going to do without her and that she felt bad these appointments were back to back because of how Chase would feel. Just this morning she texted me at 7:25 to let me know she wouldn’t be at school today so I could let Chase know, so he could mentally prepare himself that she wouldn’t be there and his “normal” day would be a little different with Mrs. England not there. Seriously??? What teacher does that? I get a lump in my throat thinking about her genuine care and concern for my son.

Chase is also an advanced reader and interested in many things that first graders are not usually in to yet. Mrs. England perpetuates this by doing things to keep Chase challenged in his daily activities. She once checked out a globe for him and he came home that day and he had written every country in Africa down on a piece of paper and within about two days knew every capital in the US.

However, the biggest thing I love about Mrs. England and NTA is the effect that it has had on Chase spiritually. Last year he knew the basic Bible stories from church and nightly devotions but he would only repeat after me his prayers. He now prays by himself from his heart that literally makes me get a lump in my throat when I hear the things that come out of his mouth. He is inundated with spiritual things all day long and he even teaches me some things that I had forgotten.

We are a military family and are moving at the end of the school year. The only thing I will really miss about Fayetteville is Northwood Temple Academy.

God Bless,

Charlotte Mixon

Chase Mixon’s Mom

Mrs. England’s First Grade Class