Eagle’s News


ACSI Art Festival

Congratulations to the NTA Students that participated in the ACSI Art Festival. Savannah R, Madison S, McKinley N, and Ja'Niah M ALL received "EXCELLENT" Awards. WOW! Way to go Eagles

ACSI Math Olympics

NTA Shout Out - Congratulations to the ACSI Math Olympics competitors. You did amazing! The following awards were given out:

Elementary awards - David C 2nd place, Katelynn D 5th place.

Middle School awards - Eric R 5th place 6th-grade Computation, Jake V 3rd place 7th-grade Computation, Alexa B 4th place 7th-grade Computation,
Micayla H 1st place 7th Reasoning, Sam B 3rd place 7th-grade reasoning, Mikayla S 5th place 7th-grade reasoning,  Shin K 3rd place 8th-grade Computation, and 
Derek A 4th place 8th Reasoning.

Way to go Eagles. We are so proud of you and all your hard work.



ACSI SPelling Bee

Congratulations to the NTA Elementary Students that participated in the ACSI Spelling Bee.  

1st Grade: Waylon G, Gracie G, Logan L, and Jason Russell - 3rd Place

2nd Grade: Kristina C - 5th Place, Addison C, Daniel H, and Lucy M

 3rd Grade: Hannah H, Rachel M - 2nd Place, Ashton S, and Vincent T

 4th Grade: Yaretzi C, Kollyn D - top 8, Madeline R, and Holly V

NTA Varsity Basketball

Congratulations to NTA Varsity Basketball Team for winning the SAC Conference and placing 2nd in the State Championship! Way to go Eagles. We are so proud of you!



ACSI Speech Meet

Congratulations to the NTA students that participated in the ASCI Speech Meet.

Speech Meet Awards:

Savanah R - 8th Grade, Superior

Olivia C - 8th Grade, Superior

Cheyenne M - 8th Grade, Superior

Julianna G - 7th Grade, Superior 

Mikayla S - 7th Grade, Superior

Jessica C - 11th Grade, Superior

Erin C - 12th Grade, Superior

David N - 12th Grade, Excellent

Senior Spotlight

Congratulations to NTA Senior David N. He has been accepted to Campbell University, Methodist University, ECU, and UNCG and has been awarded $340,600 in scholarships. WOW! Way to go David. We are so proud of you!

david spotlight 3.png