The Booster Club is a parent-run organization that promotes the athletic department of NTA. The Booster Club raises money through various fund-raisers to purchase equipment for the athletic department. It also maintains and runs the concession stand during basketball season. Some of our activities are:

Field Signs – This is a great way to advertise your business. 4 x 8 metal signs are for sale on the baseball field. 

World’s Finest Chocolate Sale – The World’s Finest Chocolate Sale begins during the winter semester. Great prizes will be given to everyone that sells. Prepare to sell the chocolate! 

Discount Restaurant Power Cards – The discount cards will sell for $10 and offer either a second free meal or discounted meal. Some of our activities are: 

Athletic Scholarship – One senior is chosen for an athletic scholarship that will go towards the financial needs for college.

New additions and needs for athletic competition

The Booster Club’s past additions to NTA were the softball dugouts and working with the PTF for a new bus. There are still needs for the fields such as fencing. The Booster Club most recently purchased the new bleachers in the gym and provided for the total refurbishing of the gym floor. A first-class, professional job included sanding, replacing and repairing boards on the gym floor as well as new paint and eagle art in the floor’s center. Several coats of polyurethane were applied to the floor as well. As always, the Booster Club looks forward to the future of athletics at NTA and attempts to provide for the expanding program. 

Athletic Booster Club Membership Form – We encourage all our parents, grandparents, and relatives to join the Booster Club. Please complete the membership form on the website. See you at the games!