The Athletic Department of Northwood Temple Academy is one filled with a rich history of athletic accomplishment and a strong Christian testimony. With several state tournament appearances in virtually every sport, conference championships, all-state selections, and all-tournament selections, NTA Athletics continually proves to be a strong opponent both on and off the court. As a member of the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association, we believe in and follow the three characteristics of Sportsmanship, Integrity, and Fair Play. As a member of the Carolina Christian Conference, we believe in and follow the teachings of Christ in all of our athletic endeavors as we present a Christian testimony through our play. With rigorous academic requirements of all athletes passing every class and maintaining a “C” average, our student athletes excel both on and off the playing field.

The Northwood Temple Academy Athletic Department believes in and follows the following mission statement:

“Together as players, coaches, teachers, and staff, we will help the academy present every student in our sports program with a credible offer of the Gospel, encourage them to pursue God, and equip them for spiritual service on the playing fields and courts, in the home, church, community, nation, and the world. With these tools and the experiences gained as an athlete of Northwood Temple Academy, our athletes will be prepared to pursue future athletic participation in college. Guided by our Student Services team, athletes will be advised and assisted throughout the registration process for the NCAA Clearinghouse if so desired and applicable.”

Mike Oxendine

Northwood Temple Academy Athletic Director