New Elementary Principal Announcement

Northwood Temple Academy is committed to providing a Christ-centered education that promotes excellence in teaching and learning, focusing on high academic standards, excellence in fine arts, emotional well-being, and physical strength. We are nurturing today’s children and developing tomorrow’s Kingdom leaders.

Dear Parents,

Every time that I read the NTA mission statement I am reminded of the great responsibility we have as a school in shaping  generations to come into leaders, not just ordinary leaders, but Kingdom leaders. Due to my long tenure at NTA, I have enjoyed watching hundreds of young men and women become Kingdom leaders in their families and in their careers and callings. Developing Kingdom leaders is hard work and especially in the post-modern culture in which we currently live.  It requires faculty and administrators who are themselves Kingdom leaders and who have a deep passion to pass that on to the next generation. 

While interviewing candidates for the elementary principal position, I just did not see the passion for the hearts of children. God is always faithful and He already had the person in place to become the new K – 8thgrade principal. This person has served at NTA since 1996 and has demonstrated real passion for the hearts and minds of children. I have always been impressed with her driving commitment to excellence. She is uncompromising in her quest for quality Christian education. She is an articulate and effective communicator. There are many dedicated leaders in education. There are also leaders who, because of their commitment to Christian education and students, must be considered outstanding. I have observed her leadership skills and her administrative style for over twenty years. She has demonstrated passion, excellence, love and loyalty to Northwood Temple Academy. It is my pleasure to announce Mrs. Janet Wright as K – 8th grade principal.

R. McLamb