Built Exclusively for Christian Schools

Created exclusively for Christian schools, Ignitia is a versatile and multifunctional online learning platform, with streamlined efficiencies and interactive features that enrich the educational experience for Christian teachers and students in elementary, middle, and high school.

With customized learning that allows students to learn together at their own pace and in their own style, it should be no surprise that students who use Ignitia show increased productivity, improvement in their grades, and greater enjoyment in their academic pursuits.

Ignitia On-line is a fully online curriculum accessible 24/7 without installation through any internet connection and browser. This flexible, 21st century curriculum for grades 9-12 provides web-based solutions for virtual learning and customizable instruction.

  • Ignitia courses can only be taken with prior approval from administration.
  • Ignitia courses can be assigned for students who need credit recovery or when there is scheduling conflict with the master schedule.