Sing to the LORD, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.
— Psalm 96:2

The Elementary music classes at Northwood focus on exalting Jesus and proclaiming His salvation as we sing, dance, play instruments or compose music. The elementary music program begins in pre-school at age 4 and continues through the 5th grade. They learn to read music notation and compose pieces of their own. Students sing using solfege hand signs and incorporate harmony as each year progresses. Students experience composers from various genres and time periods. They see and listen to every instrument of the orchestra, and hear famous works on each instrument. Every Christmas and spring, the elementary students perform a published musical which incorporates music, drama, dance, and solos. In the 5th grade, students have the opportunity to play a band instrument.

Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir is led by Pastor Marsh who is a fabulous singer in her own right. Pastor Marsh not only leads the Gospel Choir but is a wonderful woman of God and awesome 1st grade teacher!The NTA Gospel Choir is made up of Elementary Students who share a desire to worship God through song. Ranging from grades 1st – 5th, these students have expanded their ministry to include singing at Northwood Temple Church, various events and chapels, Nursing Facilities, VA Facilities, and Children Homes. From its inception, the Gospel Choir has always provided children an opportunity to serve God and their school by ministering through song. When children sing scriptures they remember it for a lifetime. Reflecting on the message of the songs as they sing will instill in them an understanding of the spiritual truths and knowledge of God. These children are a part of a education process of learning God’s word through music and we are so proud of the ministry that they provide not only for the school but also for our community.